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»That in turn makes Death of the Black-Haired Girl less a campus novel than an existential one in which the characters are driven by «an ancient anger … a sense that [they] had been born out of line, raised wrong, lived deserving of some unknowable retribution that it was [their] duty and honor to face down.»«

David L. Ulin

The chaos brimming at the heart of Robert Stone’s finest works surfaces in his latest book set on a New England campus. David L. Ulin reviews the book Death of the Black-Haired Girl at the Los Angeles Times.

»Death of the Black-Haired Girl starts to feel less like Elmore Leonard and more like a descendant of Hawthorne, a moral fable bent on revelation.«

Mark Saunders

A riff on the procedural novel: Mark Saunders about the novel Death of the Black-Haired Girl by Robert Stone. His review at The Washington Post.