Depeschen mit dem Leitwort D. E. Meredith

Hören, Schauen, Lesen: Es gibt wieder reichlich Neue Buch-, Hörbuch und DVD-Vorstellungen in der Krimikiste. Kristine Greßhöner, Carola Nümann und Petra Böhnke haben für Euch gehört, geschaut und gelesen.

»Exploring difficult themes within the framework of historical fiction certainly gives me some distance. I based a scene in The Devil’s Ribbon on a shell attack in Kabul where I saw three people decapitated and where I was only maybe a metre or two from where an RPG landed. I transferred that image and those feelings of shock and despair into Hatton’s mind and world.«

D. E. Meredith

»Rules are almost always an individual’s personal preference at a particular moment in time. I don’t mind if Elmore Leonard chooses to carry every piece of dialogue with “said”, because it works for his style of writing – but he’s wrong when he says it’s an invisible word.«

William Ryan

A fine converstation: D. E. Meredith and William Ryan talking about historical crime fiction, settings and writing rules. Read more at the Shotsmag Blog.