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»So many people have been cited as influences on the films of Quentin Tarantino that it’s laughable. I might as well say my 21-month-old daughter influenced Reservoir Dogs. But if there’s one crime fiction writer who could rightly make the claim (were he still living), that would be George V. Higgins

Brian Greene

Lost Classics of Noir: Brian Green about The Digger’s Game by George V. Higgins and how Higgins affected Tarantino. Read more at Criminal Element.

»Popular mystery series featuring a gay private investigator? Even today, in the year 2012, this is still a touchy subject for many, and a decided niche, or sub-category within the mystery genre.«

Liz Strange about gay mystery fiction. Her (short) history including Joseph Hansen, Grant Michaels, Mark Richard Zubro, Richard Stevenson and Jonathan Kellerman at

P.S. More on Joseph Hansen you will find here (german).

»Hewitt, I found after a little research, was a fairly well known character, particularly in the era after Sherlock Holmes apparently went over the Reichenbach Falls, and readers were hungry for more detective fiction.«

Victoria Janssen about Martin Hewitt, Investigator and Contemporary of Sherlock Holmes. Hewitt is a creation of Arthur Morrison. More about author and character at