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»So, the term crime novel has now replaced the term sociological novel. James T. Farrell, from Chicago, was a major influence on my work with his Studs Lonigan novels. These were crime novels, but they were about the crime of poverty, and the limitations that poverty placed on Studs’ world and choices. That naturalistic view of the world is one that’s been with me ever since.«

James Lee Burke

Into the Noir Mystic: David Masciotra talked about Injustice, Evil, and Redemption with James Lee Burke (Creole Belle). Read the worth reading interview at The Los Angeles Review of Books.

»New Orleans is a unique city. It’s one of thoses places, that if you arrive there from the planet Mars, with no frame of reference at all, you would say: This is New Orleans.«

James Lee Burke

James Lee Burke talked with Suzanne Donisthorpe about New Orleans and his new crime novel Creole Belle. Listen to the interview at ABC (Podcast).