Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Craig Fehrman

»There’s a long tradition of shotguns and spare-prose fiction depicting America’s working class, and right now the Midwest is having a literary moment. Dennis Lehane, who anchors his crime novels in Boston, once told an interviewer that ›in Greek tragedy they fall from great heights. In noir they fall from the curb.‹ In books by a small but growing number of authors—besides Bill, Donald Ray Pollock (Ohio), Bonnie Jo Campbell (Michigan), Alan Heathcock (Illinois)—there are no curbs. The roads are gravel and dirt, but the people still find a way to fall.«

Craig Fehrman

A worth reading essay by Craig Fehrman about the authors Frank Bill (Crimes in Southern Indiana: Stories, Donnybrook) and Donald Ray Pollock (Knockemstiff, The Devil All The Time) and the new violent Midwestern fiction. You can read his essay Country Noir at The American Prospect.

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