Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Cover

Möchten Sie Depeschen mit anderen Leitworten wählen?

»It’s a carny novel, it’s a novel about growing up, and, as you might expect, a novel about terror. All of us go through terrors growing up; in our hero’s case, the terrors have an objective correlative in the person of a deranged killer.«

Max Phillips

Q & A: Under the Covers is an ongoing series at The Huffington Post. They talk to book cover designers about the inspiration behind their work. This time you can read an interview with Max Phillips, who designed the book cover for Stephen King’s new novel, Joyland.

»Is this how to sell Robinson Crusoe and Bleak House to a new generation? To package them like pulp fiction (complete with cheap-looking yellow-sprayed colour edges), give them a raunchy cover and précis the contents with a trashy tagline?«

John Walsh

John Walsh reports about the Oldcastle Books imprint Pulp! The Classics, where you can find classic novel in a raunchy cover. Read more at The Indpendent.