Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Copyright

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»Und dank einem klugen Richter aus Chicago sieht es nun so aus, als dürfte jedermann die beruhigenden Geschichten des Arthur Conan Doyle fortspinnen, ohne dass er dessen Erben auch nur einen Penny dafür schuldig wäre.«

Hannes Stein

Sherlock Holmes gehört jetzt allen: Bei der Welt berichtet Hannes Stein über den Copyright-Streit über die Figur Sherlock Holmes von Arthur Conan Doyle.

»Artists and writers always engage with and respond to other writers. That’s how art gets made. And that’s why it’s a good thing for culture, for literature, and for Doyle himself that it looks like Holmes will finally be completely free to be used, abused, and celebrated by everybody, free of charge.«

Noah Berlatsky

Sherlock Holmes has broken free of the clutches of his captors, says Noah Berlatsky. His view on the copyright case of the great detective you can read at The Atlantic.

»The suit, which stems from the estate’s efforts to collect a licensing fee for a planned collection of new Holmes-related stories by Sara Paretsky, Michael Connelly and other contemporary writers, makes a seemingly simple argument. Of the 60 Conan Doyle stories and novels in “the Canon” (as Sherlockians call it), only the 10 stories first published in the United States after 1923 remain under copyright. Therefore, the suit asserts, many fees paid to the estate for the use of the character have been unnecessary.

But it’s also shaping up to be something of what one blogger called “a Sherlockian Civil War.” On one side is Leslie S. Klinger, a prominent lawyer from Malibu, Calif., and the editor of the three-volume, nearly 3,000-page New Annotated Sherlock Holmes, as well as an editor of the new collection. On the other is Jon Lellenberg, a retired Defense Department strategist and, for the past 30 years, the Conan Doyle estate’s hard-nosed American agent.«

Jennifer Schuessler

Whose property is Sherlock Holmes? Jennifer Schuessler reports about the so called „Sherlockian Civil War“, a battle over control of Conan Doyle’s estate and the Twitter hashtag #freesherlock. Read more at The New York Times.