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»Of course, Dennis Lehane will always find a home for his work, but part of this story is not just getting people like Dennis Lehane or Joyce Carol Oates or Pete Hamill to write stories for us. (…) It’s also about bringing up unknown writers. We’re not just proud that we have some bestselling novelists writing for us but also that we publish brand-new writers in these collections.«

Johnny Temple

Noir, not just in dark alleys anymore: Clayton Moore interviews Johnny Temple, editor-in-chief at publisher Akashic Books. Read the interview at Kirkus Reviews.

»Turow nods to novels like John Updike’s The Centaur, which uses the myths of antiquity to reflect on the modern age, as well as Jane Smiley’s A Thousand Acres, whose touchstone is King Lear. His agent asked if the novel was going to identify with stories like The Prince and the Pauper or A Tale of Two Cities, which are dependent on the true identities of certain characters. But the origins of Identical were actually personal, as Turow’s sister had a twin brother who died in childbirth.«

Clayton Moore

Portrait & Interview: Clayton Moore in conversation with writer Scott Turow about his latest thriller Identical. Read more at The Kirkus Reviews.

»Glynn has been told that he’s invented a new genre—“globalization noir”— but says his fascination with this nexus of crime and high finance predated the economic crash of 2008.«

Clayton Moore

Journalist Clayton Moore about the novelist Alan Glynn, who recently published his latest novel Graveland. A portrait about the author and his ‚globalization noir‘ trilogy at The Kirkus Reviews.