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»“Travelling: the dank oily days after christmas.“ So begins the novel which, with humble apologies to Thomas Cromwell, I believe is Hilary Mantel’s masterpiece. Beyond Black is a darkly comic account of clairvoyancy plied in the grim new towns of England’s motorway wastes; a ghost story that is also a beyond-black account of the adult mind’s struggles to live with childhood trauma.«

Claire Armitstead

Darkness in literature: Claire Armistead about the novel Beyond Black by Hilary Mantel. Her review at The Guardian.

»As a forgotten essay from Agatha Christie reveals her disdain both for her own characters and those of her crime-writing contemporaries, we look at the diverging history of detective fiction on opposite sides of the Atlantic, from the cosy crime of Miss Marple to the hardboiled fiction of Chandler and Hammett

Claire Armitstead

A Guardian Books podcast: Crime fiction with Agatha Christie and the new novel by Attica Locke, The Cutting Season. Listen to at