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»A crime story set among sweeping events is reminiscent of Graham Greene, particularly The Third Man, while French’s terse, tightly-focussed style has rightly been compared to Chandler. Midnight in Peking deserves a place alongside both these masters.«

Christopher Hirst

Writer Christopher Hirst about the true crime book Midnight in Peking by Paul French. His review at The Independent.

»Set mainly in the waters off the Yorkshire coast, the second novel from the author of The Kilburn Social Club is a cocktail-age yarn compounded from equal parts of sex, drugs and big-game fishing, topped with a dash of espionage. The giant tuna aspect may seem a bit unlikely for Scarborough, but such creatures were the prey of sportsmen in the Thirties.«

Christopher Hirst

A short review by Christopher Hirst about the novel The Dazzle by Robert Hudson. Read more at The Independent.