Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Christopher Fowler

  • USA Noir ed. by Johnny Temple
  • Dark Times in the City by Gene Kerrigan
  • Bryant & May and the Invisible Code by Christopher Fowler
  • The Midas Murders by Pieter Aspe

New crime fiction: Marilyn Stasio about new books by Gene Kerrigan, Christopher Fowler, Pieter Aspe and the anthology USA Noir edited by Johnny Temple. Her reviews at The New York Times.

»Mr. Fowler creates a fine blend of vivid descriptions (one eccentric spiritualist dressed in purple, green, orange and yellow looks like «a small seaside town celebrating a centenary»), quick thinking and artful understatement.«

Janet Maslin

Immense charm: Janet Maslin about the novel The Invisible Code by Christopher Fowler. Her review at The New York Times.