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»The Breath of Night manages deftly to avoid the narrative constraints of polemical fiction through bold characterisation and its harrowing depiction of a specific setting.«

Christian House

Murder, mystery and Marcos all feature as Michael Arditti’s gumshoe confronts dilemmas of faith, corruption, oh, and Imelda’s footwear. Christian House about the novel The Breath of Night at The Independent.

»Gran writes in that hard-boiled staccato style of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler, updated for the angst-ridden, drug-dependent sad souls of the 21st century.«

Christian House

Hard-boiled detection with modern angst: Christian House about the novel Claire DeWitt and the Bohemian Highway by Sara Gran. His review at The Independent.

»Although a great spy story Rogue Male is also a wonderful piece of rural writing, so perhaps it’s unsurprising that in 2005 the naturalists Robert Macfarlane and Roger Deakin went in search of Household’s holloway, that sunken sanctuary engraved into the soft terrain.«

Christian House

Travler: Christian House about the book Holloway by Robert Macfarlane, Dan Richards and Stanley Donwood. His review at The Indendent.