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»Mr. Huston brings some originality to Skinner’s lethal and disfiguring attack methods, but there never seems much at stake when he strikes. Skinner produces a firing range’s worth of targets for its main character to ravage, and some very protracted subplots, like a long episode spent hiding in Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s picturesque Old Town.«

Janet Maslin

Thriller With a Troubled Hero: Janet Maslin about Skinner, the latest novel by Charlie Huston. Her review at The New York Times.

»Snowden to me is so much more representative of the real kind of threats that people in the government and the military should be most concerned with, as opposed to things like the cyber attack in the book.«

Charlie Huston

Interview: John Wilkens in conversation with writer Charlie Huston about his latest novel Skinner and about the Comic-Con in San Diego. Read more at U-T San Diego.

»As I watch the Edward Snowden story develop, the foremost thought in my mind is this: It’s just the tip of the iceberg.«

Charlie Huston

»Novelists, rewrite your cyberthrillers« writer Charlie Huston says. His new thriller Skinner has just been published and now he writes about the case of Edward Snowden. His worth reading essay at