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»Happily, hidden among this genre are a heap of fulfilling standouts. The term given to books like these is «literary true crime». It’s the triple-modified backhanded compliment and the term still seems a bit overwrought. Try introducing your lover as a «lovely, devout and a reformed prostitute» and you’ll understand.«

Charles Graeber

Stone-cold classics: Author Charles Graeber (The Good Nurse) with his top 10 of true crime books. His list and his view at The Guardian.

»Now Mr. Graeber has compiled the full Cullen story into The Good Nurse, a stunning book with a flat, uninflected title that should and does bring to mind In Cold Blood

Janet Maslin

Charles Cullen may have been the most prolific serial killer in history. Charles Graeber has corresponded with Mr. Cullen and has now published the story of this former night nurse. The Good Nurse : A True Story of Medicine, Madness, and Murder is the title of this non fiction book and Janet Maslin reviews it at The New York Times.