Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Carole Burns

»We live in an impermanent world. This story is the opposite of that. If one’s lucky enough to find in this life somebody who makes sense of the world for you, who is the perfect fit emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, that is something we respond to quite warmly.«

Alexander McCall Smith

No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency author Alexander McCall Smith talks about his characters and his spin on a Jane Austen classic. The interview by Carole Burns you will find at The Washington Post.

»I had known there had been a serial killer on Mount Tamalpais, and it felt so incongruous in such a beautiful, peaceful spot.«

Joyce Maynard

Joyce Maynard’s new novel, After Her, follows two teenage sisters living in the shadow of Mount Tamalpais in northern California during a spate of killings of young women by a serial killer in 1979. Carole Burns in conversation with Mrs. Maynard at The Washington Post.

»A few years ago, the Anwar al-Aulaqi incident took place: two U.S. citizens killed in Yemen. I thought, now I want to update the story.«

Jeffery Deaver

Interview: Carole Burns in conversation with Jeffery Deaver about his latest novel The Kill Room. Read more at The Washington Post.