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»Reckless real estate development is one of the book’s central issues, and amid all its antics, Bad Monkey manages to thoroughly blast rapacious builders who ruin beautiful places with half-cocked plans for lucrative island resorts.«

John Wilwol

Carl Hiaasen’s new comic novel Bad Monkey opens with the discovery of a human arm, John Wilwol says. His review of the book you will find at The Washington Post.

»The reason for all this screwball chaos in Bad Monkey is clear: Mr. Hiassen does not write serious novels about the human condition. He does not make it matter whose arm was severed, who committed the story’s several murders, which love affairs are real, or what will become of Yancy’s career. His books are built of balsa wood, but they are beautifully constructed all the same.«

Janet Maslin

Carl Hiaasen’s latest novel Bad Monkey features a cast of oddballs, says Janet Maslin. Her review you will find at The New York Times.

»Bad Monkey is the closest Hiaasen comes to a police procedural, but true to form, it also is a look at the ludicrous ways of Florida, such as the true bait-and-switch in which a dead sailfish is surreptitiously placed on a tourist’s line.«

Oline H. Cogdill

Carl Hiaasen’s latest spoof involves an unattached arm, a good cop and a nasty monkey. Oline H. Cogdill reviews the new novel Bad Monkey at the Miami Herald.