Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Brother Kemal

  • Brother Kemal by Jakob Arjouni
  • Cross and Burn by Val McDermid
  • Dead Woman Walking by Jessica Mann
  • Others of my Kind by James Sallis

Read any good crime fiction lately? Andrew Taylor about new books by Jakob Arjouni, Val McDermid, Jessica Mann and James Sallis. His reviews at The Spectator.

»One reason it made an impression is that German crime fiction, particularly the hard-boiled variety, barely existed. Only Jörg Fauser, whom Mr. Arjouni came to admire, had any kind of reputation. Television police dramas monopolized the genre.«

William Grimes

A master of crime fiction in a nation lacking them: William Grimes about the novel Brother Kemal (dt.: Bruder Kemal. Ein Kayankaya-Roman). His view on Jakob Arjouni and german crime fiction at The New York Times.