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»It’s amazing how much power it generates from such brutally limited means — although I shudder to think that for Peace, two novels into a horrifying trilogy about postwar Japan, the composition of these 700-plus pages probably brought a bit of light relief.«

Anthony Cummins

Portrait of Bill Shankly: Anthony Cummins about the novel Red or Dead by David Peace. His review at The Spectator.

»Red or Dead, Peace’s latest novel, would seem at first to indicate a way out of the corner into which his previous work had painted him. A 700-page fiction, it revolves around the life of Bill Shankly, the footballer-turned-manager who led Liverpool FC from the doldrums of the Second Division to a string of resounding victories between 1959 and 1974.«

Tim Martin

David Peace’s relentless style hammers home the ruthless ethos that made Liverpool’s manager Bill Shankly so successful, says Tim Martin. His review of the latest novel Red or Dead by Mr. Peace you will find at The Telegraph.