Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Benjamin Black

»And Mr. Boyd has received mixed reviews from the public and from critics, perhaps because the James Bond many readers have come to expect is not Fleming’s at all, but the much more exciting cinematic version.«

Sarah Lyall

Star characters, spun anew, may live well more than twice: Sarah Lyall about the return of James Bond, Jeeves and Philip Marlowe in new books by William Boyd, Sebastian Faulks and John Banville (aka Benjamin Black). Her view at The New York Times.

»Benjamin Black is a craftsman and takes great pride in being a craftsman; Banville has pretentions to be an artist. (…) Both are after different things. You could say that Black writes about what people do whereas Banville tries to write about what people are.«

John Banville/Benjamin Black

Many faces: Ian Floyd in conversation with John Banville aka Benjamin Black about his latest novel Holy Orders. Read the interview at Kirkus Reviews.

»Black (the alter ego of novelist John Banville) has always ensured that the Quirke books are beautifully written, but cogent storytelling is a newly added ingredient, with the once rather one-note pathologist now a multifaceted character.«

Barry Forshaw

A Quirke novel: Barry Forshaw about the latest novel Holy Orders by Benjamin Black (alias John Banville). His review at The Indendent.