Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Bad Monkey

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»In Bad Monkey, he has escaped from the bondage of publishing concept and reader expectation to produce a novel that is as enjoyable to read as it seems to have been for him to write. The hope must be that he and we are able to go there again.«

Mark Lawson

With its jauntily barbed tone, confidence and economy, the novel Bad Monkey shows us a writer back in love with his franchise. Mark Lawson about the new book by Carl Hiaasen – at The Guardian.

»Reckless real estate development is one of the book’s central issues, and amid all its antics, Bad Monkey manages to thoroughly blast rapacious builders who ruin beautiful places with half-cocked plans for lucrative island resorts.«

John Wilwol

Carl Hiaasen’s new comic novel Bad Monkey opens with the discovery of a human arm, John Wilwol says. His review of the book you will find at The Washington Post.