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»Indeed, Night Film’s most intelligent streak is its message that while we love to terrify ourselves with imagined horrors (people possessed by demons, etc.), the real monsters are other human beings.«

Marjorie Celona

Marisha Pessl’s mystery about a dark director might be better onscreen, Marjorie Celona says. Her review about Night Film, the latest novel by Ms. Pessl, you will find at the National Post.

  • How The Light Gets In by Louise Penny
  • The Gifted and Deadly Appearances by Gail Bowen
  • Shoot the Dog by Brad Smith

A good read: Sarah Weinman reviews new books from Louise Penny, Gail Bowen, and Brad Smith. Her Crimewave at the National Post.

  • An Inquiry Into Love and Death by Simone St. James
  • The Guilty by Sean Slater
  • The Scarlet Macaw by S.P. Hozy

New books from Canada: Sarah Weinman about three novels in her Crimewave column. Read more at the National Post.