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»The tales that captivated me the most were those that occupied the boundaries between the human psyche and the animal and spiritual worlds. Their yarns were peopled with spirits and dubious beings, hares that could turn into witches, mischievous fairies, haunted thorn trees, bewitched cattle, curses and cures. They fed my childhood imagination.«

Anthony Quinn

Ireland’s Dark Divide: J. Kingston Pierce in conversation with writer Anthony Quinn about his latest novel Border Angels. Read more at The Kirkus Reviews.

»Though it takes place 130 years ago, the questions that The Streets poses about how, as a society and individuals, we tackle deprivation arguably remain just as pertinent, especially when we have a cabinet with more than its fair share of wealthy Etonians struggling to find answers to our current economic woes.«

Peter Stanford

The Streets by Anthony Quinn is a thrilling story of deprivation that shows off the bravura versatility of its author, according to Peter Stanford. Read his review at