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»I really do think people live their life in two worlds«, he says. »People spend a portion of their lives in an inner life. Isn’t that what every artist does—bring their inner landscape out?«

Joe Hill

NOS4RA2 by Joe Hill is a horror/dark fantasy novel, Amy Goldschlager says. Her review of the novel, which you might can see as a rewrite of the horror novel It by Hill’s father Stephen King, you will find at Kirkus Reviews.

»One of his mistakes, he says, was making Rebus too old in his first appearance. But Rankin doesn’t yet know if his next novel will include either Rebus or Malcolm Fox. “All I know,” Rankin says, “is that I’ve got to start writing next month.”«

Amy Goldschlager

Inspector Rebus is back: Amy Goldschlager about the new novel Standing in Another Man’s Grave by Ian Rankin. Her review and portrait you will find at Kirkus Review.

»Many readers will finish the book with the conviction that it should be adapted for the small or the big screen. Wolf says that he would prefer it at as a miniseries.«

Amy Goldschlager

Amy Goldschlager about the debut thriller The Intercept by Dick Wolf. Her review at Kirkus Review.