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»I learned my values. It’s better to be poor than to be beholden. Wealth is not the object of life. You should be polite as long as possible and, when you can’t be polite any more, don’t run.«

Daniel Woodrell

Ozarks Values: Allen Barra in conversation with novelist Daniel Woodrell. His latest novel The Maid’s Version will be out in September. Why Mr. Woodrell call himself a ‚dramatic writer‘ – read more at The Wall Street Journal.

»One of the reasons The Bayou Trilogy was so obscure and required rescue twenty years after the last was published was that those readers seeking the category conventions were disappointed, said the books were all about character and prose, and where was the thriller plot? I still get that comment pretty often, and I blame marketing for the confusion. My interests have never been in the category conventions.«

Daniel Woodrell

Daniel Woodrell came to widespread fame with Winter’s Bone, but he has been writing some of America’s best fiction for years. He talks to Allen Barra about his new book, why he lives in the Ozarks, and his failure to write a city novel. Read the interview at The Daily Beast.