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»It is great entertainment, but McIlvanney’s achievement is to transcend the conventions of the crime novel even while he observes them. His two subsequent Laidlaw novels, The Papers of Tony Veitch and Strange Loyalties, will be published by Canongate in the autumn. The trilogy is one of the finest things in modern fiction, in the Chandler and Simenon class.«

Allan Massie

William McIlvanney did for Glasgow what Chandler had done for Los Angeles: Allan Massie about the novel Laidlaw, first published in 1977, by William McIlvanney. His review at The Spectator.

»Crime fiction is entertainment, and Denise Mina is always entertaining. But the best crime writers are never only entertainers, because, as Nicholas Freeling wrote, »crime is a phenomenon of significance as much metaphysical as material. Inherent is a destruction of mind more frequent than that of body«.«

Allan Massie

A cracker of a crime novel: Allan Massie about The Red Road by Denise Mina. His review you will find at

»John le Carré makes the conventional distinction between genre and literary fiction seem absurd. He is far more serious in his themes than the majority of those who write so-called literary fiction; happily he is also more entertaining. Most of all, he is a novelist who matters.«

Allan Massie

Government assaults on liberty are at the centre of John le Carré’s latest novel A Delicate Truth. It is his best for years, Allan Massie says. His review at