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»Saints of the Shadow Bible is a clever, subtle read, but most of all, it’s a genuine pleasure to see Rebus back in the CID.«

Alison Flood

Ian Rankin’s decision to bring John Rebus out of retirement to rake over the past was the right one, says Alison Flood. Her review of the novel Saints of the Shadow Bible by Mr. Rankin you can read at The Guardian.

»Detailing the disintegration of a relationship, her final work has drawn comparisons with Gillian Flynn’s smash hit Gone Girl, but it’s a very different sort of book: colder, less dramatic and, ultimately, a frighteningly possible portrait of a marriage, of how things can slip so far without either party realising, of how murder can slowly, insidiously, begin to seem like the best – the only – option.«

Alison Flood

The slow, murderous disintegration of a marriage is all too believable in A.S.A. Harrison’s first – and final – novel The Silent Wife. Alison Flood about the book at The Observer/The Guardian.