Depeschen mit dem Leitwort Ace Atkins

  • Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen
  • The Kill Room by Jeffery Deaver
  • The Broken Places by Ace Atkins
  • The Bat by Jo Nesbo
  • The Redeemer by Jo Nesbo

New crime fiction novels reviewed by Marylin Stasio. What she has to say about the books by Carl Hiaasen, Jeffery Deaver, Ace Atkins and Jo Nesbo you can read at The New York Times.

»Another woman slain makes a crime fiction writer conclude: It’s a man’s world. We just die in it.«
Christa Faust about women, men and gender expectations in crime fiction. Her terrific text (published in December 2009) you can read at Ace Atkins‘ Blog.

» When crime writer Robert B. Parker died suddenly in 2010, fans feared his greatest creation may have died with him: Spenser. He is the tough guy with a quick wit, whose brains and talents as a chef match his heart of gold. The Boston private eye is one of the most famous and beloved characters in American detective fiction.«
But Spenser is back in Robert B. Parker’s Lullaby, written by Ace Atkins. He and Joan Parker, Robert B. Parker’s widow, talked to Meghna Chakrabarti at Radio Boston. You can listen there to the podcast.

»This week brings the release of Robert B. Parker’s Lullaby, the 40th Spenser novel (following last year’s Sixkill), but the first one to spill from Atkins’ computer.«
J. Kingston Pierce on Robert B. Parker’s Lullaby by Ace Atkins. His review at the

»It means a lot to Atkins that Parker, who died in January 2010, still gets most of the credit. After all, to his way of thinking, Parker is still the one in charge.«
David Martindale about the new novel Robert B. Parker’s Lullaby by Ace Atkins and why he was picked to keep Robert B. Parker’s Spenser series going. Read more at

„The following seven works of mystery and thriller fiction, all to be released between now and the end of May, would be fine accompaniments to that pastime.“
J. Kingston Pierce about Prague Fatale by Philip Kerr, The Fallen by Jassy Mackenzie, House of the Hunted by Mark Mills, Kings of Midnight by Wallace Stroby Robert B. Parker’s Lullaby by Ace Atkins, Hawkwood by James McGee and The Yard by Alex Grecian. Read on at