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»If Ms Rowling had chosen as her pseudonym Robert Svensson and set the book in Stockholm she would have sold thousands of copies instead of hundreds.«

Adrian McKinty

Adrian McKinty: What the failure of J.K. Rowling’s crime novel The Cuckoo’s Calling says about the state of crime fiction. A worth reading blogpost at the psychopathology of everyday life.

»Let It Burn is a tense, well-constructed, and sometimes poignant tale that will make newcomers to Hamilton’s series want to go back and read the previous entries.«

J. Kingston Pierce

Pierce’s Picks: J. Kingston Pierce about Let It Burn, the latest novel by Steve Hamilton. His review at The Rap Sheet.

»In the modern atmosphere the Humdrums have become the designated scapegoats for the Golden Age’s perceived sin of having overemphasized the puzzle element in mysteries. Even Christie, despite her still great sales and popularity, has been mocked as merely a maker of puzzles. I get into all this in the Masters of the ‘Humdrum’ Mystery introduction, which is called ‘Mere Puzzles’.«

Curtis Evans

Blogspot: Rich Westwood in conversation with Curtis Evans about his book Masters of the ‘Humdrum’ Mystery . Read more at the fine blog Past Offences.