From the Penny Dreadful to the Ha’penny Dreadfuller

»While the book offers a window into a tradition that is fading into ancestral memory, there is also an implication that the boys’ story paper may not have disappeared altogether, but rather mutated and changed shape. What are the adventures of Harry Potter but a splicing of the school story with the supernatural melodrama of the penny bloods? What is James Bond but a Boy’s Own Paper hero with its adolescent subtext – sexual desire and a strangely concomitant joy in killing – promoted to the surface of the narrative? «

Jonathan Barnes

Something murkily thrilling: Jonathan Barnes about the bibliography From The Penny Dreadful to the Ha’penny Dreadfuller : A Bibliographic History of the Boy’s Periodical in Britain 1762 – 1950 by Robert J. Kirkpatrick. His review at The Times Literary Supplement.

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