Parker’s Rules

  • Don’t ever show a gun to a man you don’t want to kill.
  • Don’t talk to the law.
  • Always split the money fair.
  • Each man for himself.
  • Don’t kill somebody unless you have to. It puts the law on you like nothing else.
  • Never leave a guy alive who’d like to see you dead.
  • Don’t let yourself be framed in a lit doorway.
  • Don’t meet in a town where you’re going to make a hit.
  • Don’t stay in the hotel where you’re going to make a hit.
  • Don’t take a job on consignment.
  • Don’t work with anyone you can’t trust or don’t respect.
  • When there’s no place to hide, stay where you are.
  • Any job that requires more than five guys to be pulled can’t be pulled.
  • For a big enough score, any rule can be broken.

So some guys are not into lists. But I think this one is important – not only for crime fiction readers: Parker’s fourteen Rules. Read, learn, follow – at 50 Years of Parker, dedicated to Richard Stark’s hero and published by the University of Chicago Press. Thanks, guys!

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